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"Thank you, on behalf of the Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise, for your fine presentation. You spoke effectively about your past, nearly existential, challenges and the decisions and actions you took to change course. It’s even more remarkable that, along the way, you developed a workable personal system for overcoming obstacles and building businesses. Many of our members were moved by the content of your presentation as well as your motivational communication style."

 - Rotary Club Speakers Committee

“Once again I would like to thank you for teaching a class at Boca Raton's Women's Study Day. It is really because of talented educators like yourself and your commitment to the Community, that we are able to offer a program like this. The received surveys for your class, “The Bigger the Challenge, the Greater the Fulfillment”, approval rate was 96%. Obviously the attendees loved your class!”

- Anita, Program Director

“Thank you for speaking at the Mandel JCC Sunday Morning at the J Lecture Series. As I looked around the room I saw smiles and people shaking their heads up and down as they experienced “ah ha” moments and connected to your talk, “Success and Happiness.” It was the perfect lecture to kick of the Winter session.”

- Lori, Director of Adult Programs


“Anne Shoshana Deakter has taught many classes for the BRJE and I have only received positive feedback from the participants. She is excellent in making the material user friendly and ensuring that everyone always sees the relevance of her material in their  daily life.”

- Rabbi Josh Broide, Jewish Federation, South Palm beach Florida/BRJE 

“My experience with Shoshana has been extraordinary! Her approach to coaching is unique to your situation and relevant experiences. She provides sound and practical advise for all real life challenges. The incorporation of Universal Truths provides an even greater depth to her sessions. I highly recommend Shoshana if you are seeking a coach who goes beyond the textbook and touches your soul.”

- Miryam


“What can I say about Anne Shoshana, she is truly a blessing from up above. She continues to guide me on my path to success in my personal, financial and spiritual journey. She is like someone who already knows the answers to my situation but who is helping me to figure it out in my own way and time. So many times we have worked on a specific area, and within a short time, amazing changes have occurred. I am so grateful for her in my life.”

- Howard Tzvi

“On behalf of BRS, thank you for teaching in our Women's Learning Program. We feel blessed to have you in our midst keeping the standard of our education at the highest level and we look forward to learning with you again in the near future.”

- Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Senior Rabbi/Rabbi Philip Moskowitz, Associate Rabbi 

"Anne is very intuitive and gets right into the problems and solutions that need to be expressed. She is very quick to pick up on the dynamics in relationships and what to work on. She is genuine, caring, heartfelt, and passionate about her work and clientele. We look forward to reading her book and applying it to our relationship and our lives."

- Naresh & Avani Vissa, Marketing Consultant and newly married


“I have received great feedback. Our community was privileged to host Anne Shoshana Deakter as our scholar in residence. She presented her messages eloquently with clarity, enthusiasm, strength, humility, and love; inspiring us to grow from good to better"

-Rabbi Barak Bar-Chaim, New Synagogue of Palm Beach

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