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Making impact & income is your birthright and destiny !

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Are you reinventing yourself, starting over, or find yourself wishing you could?  You have a destined mission and “calling”, that is bigger than you, that is above the mundane of making money and paying the bills. Once you connect to your “calling”, it gives your life purpose and meaning, a reason to get up in the morning.  But many wait for “someday”, instead of realizing there is no better time than now to lay the foundation for the new, real, relevant and resilient you. The you that is screaming for recognition, acknowledgment and the desire to be freed and expressed.


This is what the people in your life, your customers are hungry for. They don’t simply buy your physical product or service, they purchase your “bigger than” authentic vision for “healing the world”. They are hungry to align with this calling and its positive, inspiring and empowering outcomes.


As an Author, Speaker and Resilience Warrior Coach, the number one complaint I hear is that people are not happy and fulfilled, they have no idea what their “calling” is and what they are here to do. Because the not knowing is so painful, humanity does everything in its power to distract and ignore.


But when events like The Great Depression, COVID19 and 9/11 cause the world to come to a “full stop,” you must take advantage of this monumental opportunity and wake-up call, to identify the impact and income that is your birthright and destiny to make, doing what you love.


My life altering wake up-calls were the loss of; my father, marriage and career, in one fell swoop. In the stillness of these crises, I picked myself up from the disaster that was my life, learned the true meaning of resilience, took the uncertain path to reinvent and rejuvenate, no matter what the disaster of the moment was.


As a professional speaker I share with your audience, 3 key resilience principles so they can joyfully live their “calling”, make impact and income, and leave a legacy doing what they love.


Anne Shoshana is very inspirational. She helped me make a change in my life. I went from where I was, to where I wanted to be. She was very helpful in guiding me.”

                                                          Robert Weinroth, Lawyer, Palm Beach County                      Commissioner & Vice Mayor.

 Anne Shoshana changed my life. The way she delivers is phenomenal.”

                                                            Frederico Santory, Owner Amp2TV Productions




Are You Ready to Grow to Your Next Level of Innovation? 

Many people don’t have a clue as to what their life’s purpose is, nor what their next steps should be to attain it. This appears to be a universal and demoralizing problem. 


In her book, YOU AREN’T HERE TO BE GOOD, YOU ARE HERE TO BE BETTER, author, leadership educator, life coach & spiritual mentor, Anne Shoshana Deakter explains that you are here to enjoy an incredible journey of awe-inspiring transformation and fulfillment, to earn it on your own and be the creator of your own life. You are destined to be full of joy and bliss. Endless pain and suffering with no resolution was never supposed to play any part in your destiny. 


Yes, life contains a series of never-ending challenges—some easier, and some harder than others. The good news is that there are tools within this book that you can use during difficult times to help shorten the challenge process and infuse it with mercy. 


Life would be so much easier if we were living in a loving, caring, and sharing world—but we are not. In this book, Anne Shoshana Deakter shares the steps you can take to reclaim hope, purpose, and fulfillment in a world gone crazy, so that you too, can go from good to better.

- Overcoming challenges
- Family issues - Soulmates / New relationship coaching / Divorce /      Under achieving children / raising responsible, creative children
- Self-empowerment / Breaking the victim cycle
- Identifying “Tikune” - what you need to correct in this lifetime
- Words have power - identifying and transforming patterns of              negative self-talk
- Private Spirituality Coaching - bridging to the “soul dimension” -      the home of fulfillment in all areas of life
- Leadership coaching
- Business coaching: creating unified & dignified corporate                    communities within your organization, with suppliers and                    contractors
- Basic concepts in Spiritual Judaism and Kabbalah

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Suggested Lecture Topics

(customized topics available upon request)

- Success and Happiness
- Love and Relationships
- Woman as CEO of her Own Life
- Parenting for All Generations
- What is my Purpose, Why am I here?
- The Bigger the Challenge, The Greater the Fulfillment

- Universal Truths, Ethics and Values for an Empowered Life,

  One day seminar

Book me to speak at your next event, let's chat !

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“The world was created for humanity’s use. In truth humanity is the center of a great balance. If it is consumed by the selfish and taking aspects of its nature, it becomes damaged, and the world gets damaged too. And if humanity unites itself with the Higher Power (the source of enduring fulfillment), humanity is uplifted and the world is uplifted too.”

Moshe Chayim Luzzatto

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